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I Am a Female Redskins Fan #HTTR

August 24, 2013

A lifelong Redskins fan, I have been writing poetry in support of my team!

The only way I can justify watching the games this season, for 3+ hours per week, is to use what I see on the TV to fuel my writing.

This blog post is my directory of Redskins Poems. Each listing is a clickable link that will allow you to view the entire poem.

January 2016 UPDATE: The site where my Redskins poems were originally posted has been shut down. The poems are archived off-line and are being retrieved. As this time-consuming process unfolds, each obsolete link will be replaced. They will remain here and a new message will announce when you can view them. The video is the only link that still works. Enjoy!

POEM 1: I am the Female Redskins Fan [Steelers vs. Redskins]

POEM 2: Redskins vs. Bills – Look at the stats “Listen up ‘Buffalonians'”

POEM 3: Have You Not Been Paying Attention?

POEM 4: Women of Redskins Nation

POEM 5: What? You are a fan of WHO?

POEM 6: Going to a Redskins Game (at RFK)

POEM 7: Redskins visit Tampa Bay

POEM 8: The Redskins are Tough to Beat

Redskins Nostalgia: Brush with a Legend

POEM 9: Twas the Night Before Football

POEM 10: Tough2Beat – The Redskins poem that is a rap (Lyrics will be linked here at a later time) VIDEO BELOW

POEM 11: Go Hug a Fellow Fan

POEM 12: Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella – Say Cheese

POEM 13: For Game 3 against the Detroit Lions

POEM 14: The Importance of the Fans

POEM 15: The Reason Why We Lose

POEM 16: Uniting Fans for Game 4 vs. Oakland Raiders

POEM 17: The Redskins Got a WIN !!!

POEM 18: Cowboy Time Baby Bi, By, Bye!

POEM 19: Song for San Diego

Please, bookmark this page and check back each week for new poems.

You may also find my poems on Twitter @poetatete and on Google+

I posted my video really early in the morning on the day of the Season Opener (Monday, Sept. 9th 2014).

A few hours later, a new follower showed up on my profile:

I am regularly surprised by non-Redskins fans who have taken the time to read and write to me about my poems.


If you think that is amazing, look at this. I didn’t know that my beloved “twin-sister” (from another mister), whom I’ve known since we were very young, was raised in a Cowboys home! She is friendly and loving, she will not harm anyone allied with the Redskins. Her husband is a Redskins fan!

I asked her to share my poems with him, but she shared them with everyone on her Facebook wall!

Poem 6 was retweeted by a news anchor at Washington’s #1 radio station.


All poems and musical compositions posted here are the original creations of Cheryl Crockett.



Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku (Week 25)

August 6, 2013

June 18 – June 24

Haiku #176 (June 18)

Grieving parents
Imagine their child in heaven
Meeting great-grandma.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #177 (June 19)

A child holds a toy
She’ll place in her sister’s hand.
The final present.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #178 (June 20)

On a day like this
Children can play outside late.
One girl is missing.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #179 (June 21)

Children play til nine.
“The street light isn’t on yet!”
Summer’s late sunset.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #180 (June 22)

Sorrow and regret
Are expressed in salty tears
Cried at funerals.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #181 (June 23)

Riding the right lane
Driving at the speed limit
Because I’m not late.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #182 (June 24)

Super Moon returns
And looks inside my window
Slowly he passes.

by Cheryl Crockett

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NaPoWriMo Day 8

April 8, 2013

NaPoWriMo Badge

OTTAVA RIMA on the NaPoWriMo Creative Process

When prompted, poets write a poem each day.
They write and rhyme while daily deadlines loom.

A conscientious poet finds a way
For editing and rewrites, she makes room.

But while arranging all one wants to say,
A schedule may break down and meet its doom.

Creation of the poem at its end,
A new prompt comes; the process starts again.

by Cheryl Crockett

This is the Day 8 Challenge as it appears on

“… try writing in ottava rima — an Italian form that, in English, usually takes the form of an eight-line stanza of iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c. The most famous poem in English that uses the ottava rima form is probably Byron’s Don Juan. If you haven’t read it, it’s wickedly funny! It’s really amazing how contemporary Byron’s language is — it’s like he’s your mean-girl friend just gossiping at you in verse. But unlike Byron, you don’t have to write an entire epic in ottava rima! Just eight lines will do for now. Happy writing!”

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My daily haiku is below. I am writing one haiku per day for all of 2013.

Haiku #96

Cicadas! They’re coming!
Their sound may be brief.
Then there’s lots of sweeping.

by Cheryl Crockett

See Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 4

April 4, 2013

For APRIL 4 (Posted April 4th – begun _____??)
This space is reserved for my NaPoWriMo Day 4 poem, yet to be started.

NaPoWriMo Badge

As of today, I have finished the Day 1 poem. My remaining unfinished works in progress (Day 2, 3 & 4) will be posted and I will continue to post my progress until the three poems are complete. So far, I have completed poems for Day 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8. All are posted. Take a look at them if you like.

For my NaPoWriMo Day 4 poem, I selected “Prosthetic Conscience” as my writing prompt. Click here and scroll to “Day Four” to see the full list of prompts and more interesting information.

Yes, I know, I selected the 1st one for today and for day 1, but I did read all of them and the selections at the top of each list just “spoke” to me.

As of today, I am finishing the Day 1 poem. My unfinished work in progress is posted and I will continue to post my progress until each poem is complete. My Day 5 and Day 6 poems are posted. Take a look at them if you like.

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Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku 2013 (Week 04)

January 28, 2013

January 22 – 28

Bonus for Inauguration Day

Celebrate Obama
and King the same day:
poetic resonance.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #22

Unmerciful sun
Generous only with light
Lets earthlings shiver.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #23

“I cannot help you.”
Says the moon, turning away.
“Go back, talk to sun.”.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #24

Prescription bottles
Stand like health helping soldiers
Ready remedies.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #25

Flake filled clouds expand
Across darkening grey skies
Snow falls, finally!

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #26

City dwellers move
Through bricks, chrome, trash and paved streets.
Urban survival.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #27

Flying city skies
Doves alight telephone wires
Pigeon mockery.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #28

Grieving hearts follow
Mournful dirge rhythms sobbing
Beside fresh mass graves.

by Cheryl Crockett

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Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku 2013 (Week 03)

January 21, 2013

January 15 – 21

Haiku #15

Poet aims pen
To capture words between the lines
Hunter and her prey.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #16

Deceptive sunshine
Much illumination while
Secret things occur.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #17

Curious young frog
Practices lily-pad leaps
Races reflections.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #18

Obnoxious night owl
Hoots wisdom from high branches
While everyone sleeps.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #19

Soft shade serenade
Budding rose and dewey glade
New lovers picnic.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #20

Quick right hand grabs loot
The left remains unaware
A thief on duty.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #21

High tide approaches.
Carefully crafted walls fall.
Crumbling sand-castle.

by Cheryl Crockett

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Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku 2013 (Week 02)

January 14, 2013

January 8 – 14

Haiku #8

Together so long,
If you leave and go away
What will I be then?

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #9

What a lovely hike!
Is that a bear behind you?
Don’t outrun me now.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #10

Year’s worst day so far;
There must be a better way.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #11

Just outside my door
Light breezes beckon me to
Embrace the new day.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #12

I set myself free
After forgiving someone.
They just don’t know yet.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #13

Now fully awake
Finding myself still drifting
I picked up the oar.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #14

Stars welcome nightfall.
Cloud clusters cast moon shadows.
Hidden eyes appear.

by Cheryl Crockett

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