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2014 NaPoWriMo Directory

April 1, 2014

After a break from haiku I had to get back to daily poetry What better time than National Poetry month? A portion of each line is clickable and links to an external location containing the referenced content:

Index of Cheryl’s poems written during April 2014

            Written using prompts found on

DAY 1 (Early Bird): An Ekphrastic Haiku Poem  inspired by a work of art

DAY 1 A Poem Prompted By The Bibliomancy Oracle

DAY 2 (Haiku): Untitled (smug pine cones)

DAY 2 (Poem): A Mythological Sonnet inspired by the “Baku”

       A Sonnet made my Day 2 Poem its TOP STORY!  

       A Mythology included my day 2 poem! 

DAY 3 (Haiku): Untitled (fears of snowfall)

DAY 3 (Poem): Charm Poem

      The Rhyme Daily featured my Day 3 Poem as its TOP STORY!

DAY 4 (Haiku): Untitled (sleep deprivation)

          The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 put Day 4 Haiku on the Front Page! 

DAY 4 (Poem): A Lune Poem 

DAY 5 (Haiku): “Untitled” (Fourth Place)

DAY 5 (Poem): A Golden Shovel Poem “In Line For The Lottery”

DAY 6 (Haiku): “Untitled” (face without makeup)

DAY 6 (Poem): A WordList Poem “A Day In The Yard”

DAY 7 (Haiku): “Untitled” (disillusioned heart)

          The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 featured my Day 7 Haiku!

DAY 7  (Poem): “Ode To Crystal” Inanimate Love

DAY 8 (Haiku): “Untitled” (houseplants in spring)

           The Poetry and me Daily Part 3 included my Day 8 Haiku!

DAY 8 (Poem): To My Daughter (Rewriting a famous poem)

DAY 9 (Haiku): “Untitled” (Let Kids See You Read)

DAY 9 (Poem): 5 Song Pantoum (incorporating 5 sequential song titles)

           The Poetry and me Daily Part 3 published my Day 9 Haiku!

DAY 10 (Haiku): “Untitled” (Grandmother’s Kitchen)

DAY 10 (Poem): Hug A Poet Today (advertisement)

           The Poetry and me Daily Part 3 published my Day 10 Haiku!

DAY 11 (Haiku): “Untitled” (Old Friendship Crumbles)

DAY 11 (Poem): I Need Some Wine To Love You (Blues)

DAY 12 (Haiku): “Untitled” (Kids with full bellies)

DAY 12 (Poem): “Faith Feathers” (A Replacement Poem)

DAY 13 (Haiku): “Untitled” (mommy minnow) 

DAY 13 (Poem): He Understands Me (Kenning)

DAY 14 (Haiku): “Untitled” (polar bear) 

DAY 14 (Poem): Strategy Session (20 Questions & 1 Statement)

DAY 15 (Haiku): “Untitled” (poetry’s beauty)

DAY 15 (Poem): Warming Up To The Beach (Terza Rima)

DAY 16 (Haiku): “Untitled” (blown glass pitcher)

DAY 16 (Poem): Boardroom Booster (Pantoum)

DAY 17 (Haiku): “Untitled” (northern lights)

DAY 17 (Poem): 

DAY 18 (Haiku): “Untitled” (electricity) 

DAY 18 (Poem): 

DAY 19 (Haiku): “Untitled” (shooting stars streak by)

DAY 19 (Poem): 

DAY 20 (Haiku): “Untitled” (let’s get acquainted) 

DAY 20 (Poem): 

DAY 21 (Haiku): “Untitled” (empty restaurant)

         The @Haiku_Today featured my haiku! 

         The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 had it front & center!

         Thursday Classical News put it  near the top!

DAY 21 (Poem): 

DAY 22 (Haiku): “Untitled” (wino awakens)

           The #Homeless Daily published my Day 22 Haiku!

DAY 22 (Poem): 

DAY 23 (Haiku): “Untitled” (quiet tears sparkle)

DAY 23 (Poem): 

DAY 24 (Haiku): “Untitled” (piano teacher)

          The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 made Day 24 Haiku a top story!

DAY 24 (Poem): 

DAY 25 (Haiku): “Untitled” (my empty arms wait)

          The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 added my haiku!

DAY 25 (Poem): 

DAY 26 (Haiku): “Untitled” (make way for the sun)

        Haiku Today also featured this haiku on May 22nd.

        This appeared in “Has Anyone Ever Created A”.

        The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 published Day 26.

DAY 26 (Poem):  

DAY 27 (Haiku): “Untitled” (load your weapon now)

          The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 included this haiku.

DAY 27 (Poem): 

DAY 28 (Haiku): “Untitled” (after a long kiss)

         The Poetry and Me Daily Part 3 added this haiku.

DAY 28 (Poem): 

DAY 29 (Haiku): “Untitled” (fictional love poems)

        The Poetry and Me Daily grabbed this one, too!

DAY 29 (Poem): 

DAY 30 (Haiku):  “Untitled” (refreshed with water) + video

DAY 30 (Poem): 

In addition to writing poetry in April 2014, I also taught poetry:


 May 1  “Untitled” (Devoutly Christian)

 The Poetry & Me Daily Part 3 featured this haiku on May 27th