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Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku (Week 23)

June 18, 2013

June 4 – June 10

Haiku #163 (June 4)

At the finish line,
One rider raises his head
Ribbon in his hands.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku # (June 5)

Gold medal bouquets
Carried just so on the arm
Cover needle marks.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku # (June 6)

Walrus’ play toy
Mimics sea life
Floating driftwood

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #166 (June 7)

Darkened horizon
The setting sun reminds me
Tasks remain undone.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #167 (June 8)

Passerby with dog
Disgusted neighbors look on
Fertilized tree box.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #100a (June 9)

Quick spring storm passes
Sun arrives ready to dry
The freshly cleaned world.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #168 (June 10)

After their landing
Dancing raindrops celebrate
“We are here at last!”

by Cheryl Crockett


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Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku (Week 22)

June 13, 2013

May 28 – June 3

Haiku #156  (May 28)

Please read my haiku
Posted here for you to see.
I write some each week.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #157 (May 29)

Blasts of summer’s warmth
Beads of sweat and sun dresses
So glad winter’s gone.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #158 (May 30)

The answer is “no”.
I can’t have AND eat the cat.

by Cheryl Crockett¬†(…in response to a comment after Haiku #154)

Haiku #159 (May 31)

shocking resilience
empathy for amputees
action after tears.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #160 (June 1)

Quiet Saturday
Resting from a busy week
Setting my own pace

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #161 (June 2)

Peach flavored candle
Generous Birthday wishes
And much gratitude.

by Cheryl Crockett (for Jimmy ThePeach of “Haiku Today”)

Haiku #162 (June 3)

Small feet in puddles
Raincoats and oversized boots
Colorful splashing.

by Cheryl Crockett

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