May is Songwriting Month


April has ended and with it, poetry month. I wrote many poems and on the days I did not use all prompts offered on Somehow, I felt wrong about adding my daily haiku as my NaPoWriMo, which I had been writing since January 1st, but now that the month is over, I see it differently. The challenge was to write a poem everyday during the month of April. That is what I did; some were haiku. Now, I feel guilty going back to write poems for the days I missed because I will not have written the poems on, or near the days they were assigned. So, “Operation Haiku Fill” is in full-swing!

May is here and the songwriting must commence! Earlier this year, I went looking for a songwriting month, if there was one, and was so glad I found it. As I was looking at the site before the first prompt appeared, I was thinking a “love song” would be my first project. And, to my surprise, the Day 1 prompt is to “Write a song about someone (or something) you love in this world.”

(Without assigning a weight, value or hierarchy to my individual talents) just as 1+2=3, I am a poet; I am a musician; I am a songwriter. Each feeds into the others, despite songwriting’s obvious components*. Melodies and rhythmic words dance in my head almost everyday. Sometimes, I capture them. Not to capture them all is unacceptable. I expect that this project will raise my discipline as I write and record at least one song per day this month. That is my main reason for accepting this challenge.s

I am sure I am not the only one taking a deep breath and saying a little prayer as I consider the prospect of creating 31 songs in as many days and wondering, have I bitten off more than I can chew? But, I asked myself the same question at the beginning of the year when I embarked upon one haiku per day for the entire year (#1aday2013) and in February when I endeavored to add a 2nd haiku each day for National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo); and yet again in April for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). So, far I have achieved my daily poetry goals and since songs are like poems set to music, I thinking, how hard can it be?

*Instrumental music can inspire a poem and poetry can inspire music that has no lyrics; so too can a song with words and music lead to the creation of unrelated poetry and instrumental music.

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