Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku (Week 17)

April 23 – April 29

Some haiku have more information. Each header is clickable over to the other blog that has each haiku as an individual post.

Haiku #117 (April 23)

traffic stop
license registration
cell phone battery

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #118 (April 24)

Asian mountain view
Pristine crystal lake surface
Birds tweet “good morning”

by Cheryl Crockett
Pristine Asian Lake

Haiku #119 (April 25)

mountain descent
clouds below
leaving heaven

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #120 (April 25) Bonus

Climbing the mountain
I don’t know what I will find.
God beyond the clouds?

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #121 (April 26)

My hair looks pretty
But my neck and scalp are sore.
Angry beautician?

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #122 (April 26) Extra

sleeping wolves
vampires disappear

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #123 (April 28)

Sees reflections of her life
In the children’s eyes.

by Cheryl Crockett
For Eleanor Crockett’s 100th Birthday
Eleanor Crockett at her 100th Birthday Party

Haiku #124 (April 29)

compose haiku
no pen in sight
repeat out loud

by Cheryl Crockett

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2 Comments on “Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku (Week 17)”

  1. Waltermarks Says:

    Love the Haikus. Thanks

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