Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku 2013 (Week 07)

February 12 – 18

Haiku #44 (Feb. 12)

Abandoned graveyard
Overgrown with weeds and brush
Anonymous souls.

by Cheryl Crockett

This haiku was inspired by James Walker’s
haiku, posted on the same day in the
Poet-a-tete Facebook Group:

“Forgotten in time”

Visitorless grave..
covered with dirt and all time..
Anonymous soul.

by James Walker

Haiku #45 (Feb. 13)

Cupid plans his flight
Hopefuls get bulls-eye tattoos
And stand very still.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #46 (Feb. 14)

Burdens discarded
Attention refocused
Ashes, wafers and wine.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #47 (Feb. 15)

Spring comes to the wild
Baby deer and bunnies play.
Lions approach their snack.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #48 (Feb. 16)

Red HAIKU and blue… YOU too.
All we like FISH!

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #49 (Feb. 17)

Soup and warm blankets.
Antibiotics and tea
Empty tissue box.

by Cheryl Crockett

Haiku #50 (Feb. 18)

small velvet box
satin lining
good things come in black.

by Cheryl Crockett

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