Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku

Inspired by Ozlem Baro (@MyHaikuProject), I aspire to write one haiku per day in 2013. Can I do it? I think I can. Join me, won’t you? Julie Jordan Scott is doing this with the hashtag #365poems and she has a cool clickable graphic to go with it (see below). As of January 18th, I added my project to this community. File it under “great minds think alike”.

Poems will be comments below this post. Since that means I will post more than 365 comments, I will also organize poems in weekly “chap-posts” so visitors can navigate the poems easily as the volume increases. And if you did not yet notice, the adjacent posts appear at the top of each blog page; this is helpful if you want to view posts in forward or backward order.

With one click, you can find Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku on Facebook. For those who prefer poetry tweets, @poetatete is where you will find me and #1aday2013 is the unique hashtag I crafted for this project.  Let me thank you in advance for clicking “Like”/”Favorite”, commenting, sharing, re-blogging and re-tweeting.

Go ahead, toss your haiku into the fray. If you want to tweet a haiku with me, please include #1aday2013 (and @poetatete if it will fit). Of course, you do not have to go to either of these places; you may post your haiku as a comment below this post.

Volume permitting, I will do my best to cross-post all poems sent to me with my own.

Click Moving Words 2006 Winners to see one of my most successful haiku poems. Could this be why I like haiku so much? I will never be ashamed about it being 17 syllables.
Keep reading, writing, sharing and reciting poetry!

Cheryl L. Crockett, Poetess


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437 Comments on “Cheryl’s Everyday Haiku”

  1. poetatete Says:

    Vidku #015 ~ Haiku #383

    Big dipper above,
    Dad calls “lights out” and locks up.
    Teen picks up her phone.

    By Cheryl Crockett

  2. poetatete Says:

    Haiku #389 a

    Hibiscus petals
    Lazy sun delays day’s end
    Island holiday

    By Cheryl Crockett

  3. poetatete Says:

    Vidku #016 ~ Haiku #384

    Gazing up at clouds
    Searching for inspiration
    Sun rays light my room.

    By Cheryl Crockett

  4. poetatete Says:

    Vidku #017 ~ Haiku #385

    Tropical plants thrive
    Daily rain forest visit
    Five minute shower

    By Cheryl Crockett

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