Group Haiku for Autumn 2012 #GH4A @poetatete

Poet-a-tete’s annual Autumn haiku collaborative is back in 2012 for it’s third season. Although it started on Facebook and expanded to Twitter, the poetatete blogs make it available to all poets who write in the cloud (use the internet).

Here’s how it works: Any three poets may contribute a single line each, one line at a time, to build a 17 syllable autumn-themed poem. Each poem should have three contributing authors. And while this is a fun exercise, all contributors are given credit for their contributions (names appear at the end of each poem*).

The Group Haiku for Autumn workspace can also be found on the Poet-a-tete Group’s Facebook Wall. You can read all posts, including those from our first two years (during which we collaborated on 32 poems). This space was created for those who don’t use Facebook. Feel free to share with your poet friends.

For those who are new to haiku: poems are short poems usually comprised of 3 lines totalling 17 syllables. The first and last lines are 5 syllables each and the center line is 7 syllables. Because of this, many use “5-7-5” when referring to writing haiku.

To participate, you may contribute a single line of 5 or 7 syllables. Please keep language suitable for all ages. Lines may be added in any order. If you contribute a first line (to start a poem) it doesn’t matter if your line is 5 or 7 syllables. If you are adding to a posted line (to develop the haiku) you have the freedom to put the 5 syllable line at the end of the poem or at the beginning. Please post both your line with the line it goes with. If you are posting the third line to the poem (completing the haiku), add your line so it fits the conventional 5-7-5 haiku structure with the previously posted lines. Please post all three lines of the completed poem.

If your line is not 5 or 7 syllables, it should be a starter line or a developing line (1st or 2nd). The poets who develop or complete the poem will need to compensate for syllable counts as they develop or complete the haiku. Once a poem is completed (or almost completed) a new one will start. Sometimes we will overlap poems so two poems are works-in-progress at the same time.

So far this fall, 2012, five poets have contributed lines to poems #33 thru #35 (Albena Abujbara, James Walker, Sandra Marsh, Julie Jordan Scott and Cheryl Crockett). In a separate post on Facebook, poets are posting their own, single author haiku. I am continually amazed, each time a poem is completed, at the excellence of each. When I see a first line, I can never predict, accurately how the poem will turn out in the end. They are always much better than I imagined they would be.

Your lines will be accepted no matter where you post them. Once I see a line, I will copy it to the other locations for other poets to see. Completed poems will be published on the Poet-a-tete Facebook Group page and on Twitter @poetatete with the hashtag #GH4A as well as on the site.

Feel free to contribute to as many poems as you like as long as it is one line per poem, please. No matter where you are able to join Group Haiku for Autumn (#GH4A), choose the location that works best for you. This activity is open and all are welcome. For those on Facebook, although the Poet-a-tete Group is open to the public, when you click to join the group, I receive a “request” for membership, which I approve.

I look forward to reading your 5 or 7 syllable lines, questions, suggestions and comments in reply to this post or on the location of your choice (no anonymous or duplicate submissions, please). Now let’s continue to create beautiful poetry together!

*Twitter limits may restrict credits to first name only.

** is registered to me but inactive as of Autumn 2012.

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